Personal Coordination Sessions

Insure yourself a successful start to your wedding planning process. Have you ever made use of invaluable information from an informed individual that saved you time, money, effort or more in a decision you made? Taking the advice of the Event Identity team is no different.

Join one of our professionals for an informative one-on-one session to get your planning process started in the right direction for your budget and desires. During an hourly session, our Event Identity team member will ask each of you questions to learn your intentions for your wedding and will provide you suggested steps to take, including the best vendors to contact, based on the vision for your wedding day. We can further help you with the etiquette that often trumps couples of what to do in the planning process. Perhaps there are easier ways to complete some of your to-do’s; make efficient use of that time with a short meeting at Event Identity. Allow us to simplify your preparation. From this meeting, you can take the information provided to you to begin or continue your wedding planning. These sessions are best done in person but can also be coordinated via group video calling.



Whether you are just beginning your wedding planning or are counting down the double-digit days until your wedding, our coordination service is what you need from Event Identity.

By selecting this package, you are insuring a calmer and more organized wedding day. As your monthly countdown turns to a weekly countdown, our team will meet with you to compile your final wedding details, compose your wedding timeline, prepare you for an efficient rehearsal, and organize you through your last weeks as an engaged couple. As your wedding nears, we’ll review your vendor contracts and be in contact with each of them to coordinate the final details of your blessed day. On your wedding day, our team will be present for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, and post-event time of your wedding. Allow yourself the full attention on one another as well as your family and friends rather than the details of your wedding day. Event Identity takes pride in bringing the details you organized to fruition in a personalized, orderly and picturesque fashion.


Partial Planning

Life can be busy and stressful, and that is without the added to-do list of wedding planning. With your career to-do list, family and friend’s social calendar, and other things filling your calendar, you’ll want someone to take special care of what is intended to be the most special and exquisitely beautiful day of your life.

Our professionals can pair down the planning process for you allowing the opportunity to be able to make the most exciting decisions and be a part of the thrilling moments of wedding planning. As this service is best started in the beginning of your planning process, Event Identity will lead you to the finest vendors for your creative and unique vision and monetary plans. Partial planning includes those services in both our personal coordination services and coordination services. You will discover the fiscal as well as emotional benefit of allowing Event Identity to help you create your beloved day giving it custom and tailored details specific to you as a couple. It’s our goal to give your wedding day its own identity.


Full Planning

Stress is not found in the phrase ‘engaged to be married,’ and our planners would not want you to feel that way! Your Event Identity wedding planner will walk with you each step of the way as to help you not only select the appropriate vendors for the wedding you desire to plan but also to help you decipher your preferred details (photography selections, invitations, flowers, etc.). It’s our role, as your full wedding planner, to help you throughout the entire planning process from the initial search for a venue to the last sealed envelope for your wedding announcements as you are mid-way through your enjoyable honeymoon. Full planning includes those services
in our personal coordination services, coordination services and partial planning services plus more intimate planning and guidance throughout. You will discover the fiscal as well as emotional benefit of allowing Event Identity to help you create your beloved day giving it custom and tailored details specific to you as a couple. It’s our goal to give your wedding day its own identity.


Destination Wedding

Excitement abounds with a couple planning to tie the knot in a destination outside of their home city. Whether you desire a domestic change of scenery for your nuptials, a destination outside the US borders, or you are a couple residing internationally and looking to plan your wedding stateside, the travel industry experienced team at Event Identity can help. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy your engagement and insure that you don’t miss a step in the destination planning by allowing our team to show you the measures necessary to take in the beginning as well as helping you with the appropriate vendors to travel with you (just to name a few)! Our team takes pride in helping you create your bespoke wedding regardless of the destination.

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