Krista Borchard

Before graduating Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2006, Krista was accepted to an organization involved in planning events at Texas A&M University. Her passion for outstanding events grew with each event she planned and culminated with her direction of Ring Dance in 2006, a large celebratory formal dance for 2,000+ graduating seniors that encompasses the University’s equivalent to a student union. With the comments and compliments of Krista’s talent,vision and ability to create well-planned and unique events from peers and mentors alike, she further pondered the thought of making her extra-curricular passion a reality.

Between graduation and her return back to Houston to get married, Krista worked as Texas A&M University’s Office of Admission and Records first Program Coordinator planning events. Upon her move to Houston, she creatively worked to grow the business of a local wedding vendor and also gained experience in the travel industry with a group travel agency. She also has experience planning pre-wedding parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, university alumni events, rehearsal dinners, and, of course, weddings. Her experience combined with her care, concern, and passion to serve others is what provides her clients with peace of mind as she creates extraordinary events. What’s more is that Krista strives to find the unique history and interests of each couple or client to try to bring those out in their event thus creating an even more distinctive affair.

Further, Krista understands the need and importance for clients requiring special attention, especially those with dietary needs/requirements. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease in August of 2010, Krista was further encouraged to support clients desiring to create events safe for themselves or their guests with dietary needs, as she lives a gluten free life herself.

When Krista is not with her clients, she thoroughly enjoys her time in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals for her husband, family and friends, or she is playing her ever favorite pup, Ember. Ultimately, however, her greatest joy resumes each day with her dedication to her clients and creating their extraordinary events.

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