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The Diamond is Just The Beginning

You’re not cookie-cutter, nor should your wedding planning experience shape you as such.  Pre-set guides will attempt to tell you what to do next or what amount should be spent.  Before you follow those paths too deeply without consideration of your timeline, location, and event specifics, get started with Event Identity to eliminate the hassles and details which don’t apply to your big day.  You might even explore opportunities for your celebration you hadn’t imagined were conceivable!


Design and Production

Starting with a bespoke process to garner your visual aesthetic.

We invest time into cultivating a design tailored toward you that no social media channel can match in customization!  We communicate with honorable partners to create a design that matches your preferences while preparing options for you to choose customizing the day for you.  Upon review of our customized plans inclusive of inspiration images, tangible elements, and design sketches, a cost proposal is provided to you for review and finalize before production begins.  Event Identity moves forward into production ensuring contracts are appropriate, all details match your design choices, and the partner team is prepared for the big day with all necessary intricacies.


Leave the guessing behind you!

Take guidance from your professional planner on an ideal planning sequence scaled to your planning timeline, with whom is best to work based on your expectations and vision, and how to manage unique aspects of etiquette, just to name a few.  Keeping our motto in mind that not every event is the same, your planning details are bespoke to your event, your needs, and your timeline.  Upon sparking your first steps of wedding planning including finding the ideal venue and compatible photographer, for example, we simultaneously begin cultivating communication with partners best-matched with your preferences and personality.  We streamline your schedule for wedding planning with strategically orchestrated meetings based on your schedule!

Event Management

Well-communicated logistics are essential for any wedding and this aspect caters to these needs precisely.

Ask your event manager any questions you may have leading up to your wedding day and find the information provided to you as a resource, including a culled selection of trusted partners.  Following an event management meeting approximately eight weeks before your wedding, your event manager will provide your timeline and other information available to you via cloud-based applications allowing you to check on the logistics of your wedding at a moment’s notice.  Our service on the wedding day is second-to-none as we support partners during their setup and execution as well as manage the evolving needs of our bride and groom.

Choose all three or select the ones that you feel are needed for your big day! We’re here to answer further questions you may have.

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