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Off-Season Nuptials

September 7, 2018

There have been a healthy handful of clients planning their wedding from out-of-town or out-of-state in the history of Event Identity, and it’s an exciting time to work with these couples!  Every single experience in these scenarios has been spectacular!  In this particular case, when both individuals are professional athletes with almost the same season, this can obviously dictate the wedding planning process.  No sweat!  In consultations with new couples, it’s routinely stressed that each person’s professional typically comes with a busy season, and we want to keep that in mind with the wedding planning process!  Adding to-do’s or items to think about during an already busy time of year doesn’t help your involvement with the wedding plans, so why add additional stress?!

Planning with Bri, her magnificent mother, and looping in Brice’s wishes was an exciting and wonderful experience of which much is to be credited to the team of partners who made their day special {see full credits below}!  With today’s flashback, the moments that come to mind and truly stand out include their trusted officiant, the incredible full-service catering team, and the intricate work of Gilbreath Communications for the invitation.  First of all, Jeroll Rodgers was flown in from Los Angeles to officiate this personal and meaningful suburban-Houston wedding ceremony for our bride and groom.  His personal touch and message for this couple visibly and truly brought the size of Briscoe Manor‘s chapel down to feel like home in a way that all attending could wrap the newlyweds in love.  Oh, but the catering!  We always know Behind The Bash turns out a magnificent spread of food, but anytime there’s an opportunity to customize anything for our couple’s big day is an exciting one.  Behind the Bash worked with our couple to do just that with the couple’s distinct choice of cinnamon glazed baby carrots on the side of their authentic Texas brisket (smoked by Behind the Bash in their own customized smoker, no less!) and complimented with a southern refresher station of fresh squeezed lemonade and sweet tea!  The vivid facial expressions from their tasting are heart-warming.  Lastly, when our amazing bride knew she wanted something unique but just couldn’t quite find exactly what she envisioned, Gilbreath turned out the perfect pocket-fold invitation that she loved; full of of pertinent information and enclosed in delicate lace!

Wedding planner perspective: There’s a lot to love and remember about this very special wedding planning process, weekend, and wedding day; a whole lot, in fact.  Although, I’m consistently praising the loving task of Usher assigned to some gentleman in each wedding.  The three gentleman that Bri and Brice honored with this role for their wedding definitely superseded what was asked of them, and they were of immense help to the Event Identity team just because they wanted to and not because it was needed or asked of them.  To DeVier, Justin, and Jawanza, WELL DONE!  There’s a book on “How to Be an Usher” left to write, and you three should be the ones to write said book.  Your gracious, humble, considerate manners do not go unnoticed.

Catering: Behind the Bash * Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Twin Connection Duo * Ceremony Music: Scott Graham Piano * Hair and Makeup Artist: Adorne Artistry * Floral and Decor: Darryl & Co. * Invitations, Save The Date, Programs, etc.: Gilbreath Communications * Cakes: Cakes by Gina * Departure Transportation: Monarch British Limo * Venue: Briscoe Manor * Bridal Gown: Houston Bridal Gallery * Reception Entertainment: Jonny Black Productions * Photography: George Street